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Doraemon|Nobita|Shizuka|Eeveelution|Victini by pqh5703 Doraemon|Nobita|Shizuka|Eeveelution|Victini :iconpqh5703:pqh5703 3 4
Virtual Mission 6
Research reports. We finally reached the Taiidan Empire military control and were able to analyze the data of the beast. On the surface, remove the Taiidan Empire by military ego cell beast can't completely control. However, beast is included and a distinctive characteristic of the infection the virus chest aggressiveness and ability to still exist and humanity's worst mental control bio-weapon. When an infection is swine bis falls side of intelligence, but physically strong, and away from the point that caused side effects someone's intelligence control, except that the offset is like that. Another result of the analysis. The ability to control the beast spirit, as well as someone else was having.
Here Kadir Nebula (Upsilon gate)
Nobita's Glaceon: escort thankful. Shizuka. We came back the ability of the engine, all of the data out there about the beast. This would pull through the crisis and find a safe place. And we are a beast and want to conquer the world by infected Taiidan Empir
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Virtual Mission 5
Shizuka: We can not leave the place Nobita's Glaceon. Taiidan Empire Allies are the only beokchada to our opponents will come back at any time.
Tactical Officer: I agree. Although your friend will still have a fusion propulsion. We're hiding in nearby galaxies with friends. We came out the other side of the galaxy. We get out of range of the sensor. HyperSpace friend of the device will be repaired.
Shizuka: And yet somehow not there any way to prevent the spread of that beast back again? Are Taiidan Empire forces and opinions that can do what this control?
Tactical Officer: I know. Taiidan Empire is quite outstanding scientists in the group to fly the Beast itneungeonji unclear. Finally halgeot say is that they stop using the virus to conquer!
Here Kadiir Nebula (Zeta Gate)
Shizuka: Shizuka this before your fleet. Please everyone stop.
Nobita: Nobita to convey the partners. It projects a beam navigation through the nebula. Automatic tracking and follow!
Nobita's Glaceon: found. Nobita
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Virtual Mission 4
Tactical officers: We did not think the Beast would be resurrected. Captain Somtaaw and their friends will begin to do more to prepare to repel the beast once again. Ilttan our strong alliance of peoples who want to seeking the Beast. It shall protect the Bentusi.
Here is a light brown space near
I wonder where is Bentusi: Shizuka? They're in trouble does not go beyond to protect the Beast in the hand.
Tactical officer: Perhaps you will have Bentusi in this neighborhood. There have picked a signal.
Tactical Officer: I am infected ship!
Tactical Officer: Make all ships are defeated by tracking the Beast fleet. We have to mobilize all have to help Bentusi.
Shizuka: Bentusi is, please note. That Beast fleet are under steer someone. Taiidan Empire resurrected by the group they are controlled.
Bentusi: eopso dibawooreo matter that is. They Iwo halgeot be destroyed if you try to self-control. Beast remnant shall have to be cleaned carefully regret.
Tactical officers: it seems that we have fo
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Virtual Mission 3
The researchers report in the log Somtaaw MK. 3.4
Our team is prepared to decrypt the unidentified object found in the No.2 Kuun-Lan boarding and sector 112.
We have established the analytical equipment in the main hangar.
The object looks like a box before decryption tried to scan the entire surface.
Data reception is took place in the form of a short repeating tone.
Like tangled yarn was unfamiliar with the data stream.
It will be necessary to decrypt a lot of time and a high-performance processor.
On the other hand, we proceeded the analysis of the object surface.
Objects collected from the hull of the beacon is the Hebrews refers to the approximately one million years is.
Some of the beacon is seen as a way, the organic layer structure.
Whether, however, is certain. To continue the analysis and decryption password.
Shizuka: A bridge here. how is it? Are you going to decrypt the object?
Researcher: doetseupnida almost there. Let's now open. uh? This? Lead Aaah!
Shizuka: What's going
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Virtual Mission 2
Shizuka: All moyeoteo?
Doraemon, Nobita, Dorami, Suneo, Jyian: Yes!
Shizuka: Good! Taiidan Empire do not know if the military will want to do. How to Pokemon or not there is a convergence halsun Turanic guys?
Tactical Officer: I do not know. Taiidan Empire Turanic Raider group and are clearly one thing that I think this coalition to fight again their goal is probably to conquer?
Shizuka: Yes. I think probably off to engulf Hiigara as well as Pokemon or our world. I ilttan find the enemies gathered in one outer haeteuni let's there. What are guarding think you're in?
Nobita: Huh? ... That's why costs are foreboding.
Here outskirts Hiigara
Tactical Officer: I have arrived at the outskirts. Ilttan'll need to make is what to keep itneungeonji scout the place.
Tactical Officer: The number of military Taiidan Empire!
Tactical Officer: You have to destroy them all to keep spending to a Hiigara.
Taiidan Empire group: they are the enemy! Somtaaw are the troops! Prevent all!
Suneo: Battle Format
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Virtual Mission 1
Second Beast Taiidan Empire after the war the Allies after the withdrawal was being Hiigara peace persists.
But Taiidan Empire is still in the beginning of the invasion and Turanic Raiders Hiigara without giving up the ambition to want to put your hands on Hiigara again.
Naemyeo how that leads to the Pokemon world was reborn as a new species.
Taiidan Empire of Emperor Taiidan Pikachu and Turanic Raiders Raiders is not born again, they Turanic Eevees daehaejeok Turanic Eevee into the center of the captain once again that the Union is Taiidan Empire.
Doraemon line centered by the captain to Shizuka Somtaaw Corps powerful Pokemon to try to stop them and fusion haebona resistance will not defeat larger opponents also are not.
So Doraemon companions brought them to his friends and former colleagues in the Pokemon world is put to the battlefield once more Hiigara again.
But what are waiting Hiigaran yiyeotda war and viruses of the same universe waiting for three cars instead of two Taiidan E
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Nobita and Eevee by pqh5703 Nobita and Eevee :iconpqh5703:pqh5703 7 0 Do you know? Available jungle rumble. by pqh5703 Do you know? Available jungle rumble. :iconpqh5703:pqh5703 0 0 Nobita and Glaceon and Cirno and Doraemon by pqh5703 Nobita and Glaceon and Cirno and Doraemon :iconpqh5703:pqh5703 28 2
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Homeworld map editor to make the novel. :iconpqh5703:pqh5703 2 0
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