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Research reports. We finally reached the Taiidan Empire military control and were able to analyze the data of the beast. On the surface, remove the Taiidan Empire by military ego cell beast can't completely control. However, beast is included and a distinctive characteristic of the infection the virus chest aggressiveness and ability to still exist and humanity's worst mental control bio-weapon. When an infection is swine bis falls side of intelligence, but physically strong, and away from the point that caused side effects someone's intelligence control, except that the offset is like that. Another result of the analysis. The ability to control the beast spirit, as well as someone else was having.

Here Kadir Nebula (Upsilon gate)

Nobita's Glaceon: escort thankful. Shizuka. We came back the ability of the engine, all of the data out there about the beast. This would pull through the crisis and find a safe place. And we are a beast and want to conquer the world by infected Taiidan Empire military ambitions will be back with the Warriors of Kiss for a block. Glaceon out.

Here Kadir Nebula outer

Shizuka: SOS. It is the code of Republican Taiidan. They are friendly. Now communications.

Tactical officer: long distance sensor signal from a large Zen in this area point to the existence of this shot is coming.

Republican convoy shipping: here's a Republican convoy. We give an unknown missile is under attack. We are lost, and the unarmed escort. Please help we have thousands of colonists and burning. Furthermore, some line of the convoy, kidnapped by pirates. Anyone, please help me!

Republican convoy shipping: to detect the approach of missiles and pirates!

Tactical officer: missiles are beast energy signal. Turanic Raider's pirate ship is estimated to have a Salvage function. We are immigrants of the Taiidan Empire Republican counties were slaves or Turanic Raider beast infection there cannot be the pirates! To track and destroy them.

Shizuka: interceptor missiles and pirate ship convoy line on track.

Tactical officer: attacked the lines of missiles are the sensor is beast indicates that the escort. Offensive line would be a frigate with a mixed group of.

Tactical officer: kidnapping where the battle of the Turanic Raider carrier lug. Here, Scout.

Turanic Leafeon: IK ~ no abduction! We are more just for the sake of making a magnificent pirate sailors and crew will need more. Hiigaran sticking up of convoy to kidnap all the lines!

Shizuka: Turanic Raider! That was a purpose! By no means should you guys way!

Turanic Leafeon: IK ~ something I told my friend this another Hiigaran Turanic was a Glaceon! Do you guys ship to get rid of their abduction?

Turanic Leafeon: IK ~ Oh darn! My ship! I will not be! Let's leave the Hiigaran people!

Shizuka: this is the last time. Please stop all the ships and their operation. We are a beast and repel the Turanic Raider.

Mission end

Doraemon: the Taiidan Empire troops and innocent citizens who're racking up to naughty guys!

Shizuka: that's right! How could you? Turanic Raider guys also get punished! Not necessarily!

7 story continues ...

Special Mission-related metabolism

Republican convoy vessels susceptible to the first beast:

Republican convoy shipping: cracks in the whole deck. Something that comes in from the outside! Alive! Help! ...

Turanic Raider escort ship, the first Republican to go get the seizure brought:

Republican convoy shipping: my body is changing! The hair is going to GIMP! Ah AAH ... I. .. Crack submission submitted by Turanic Eevee! ««How to get rid of enemies of the La. ..

Be the first to launch missiles at the convoy ships infected:

Tactical officer: there is another from the ship transporting missiles, Clovis caught fire. Bis is a refuge for those who would like to change the biological advances. I remember the destruction before losing the escort line.

It was the first time the escort vessel hijacked jets scramble:

Turanic Raider is a tactical officer caught transporting ship fighter: scramble. Turanic Raider is probably changing as a refuge for those Pokemon mental subject. But this might come back to find that the escort line. The snatch as a Worker.
Shizuka: We can not leave the place Nobita's Glaceon. Taiidan Empire Allies are the only beokchada to our opponents will come back at any time.

Tactical Officer: I agree. Although your friend will still have a fusion propulsion. We're hiding in nearby galaxies with friends. We came out the other side of the galaxy. We get out of range of the sensor. HyperSpace friend of the device will be repaired.

Shizuka: And yet somehow not there any way to prevent the spread of that beast back again? Are Taiidan Empire forces and opinions that can do what this control?

Tactical Officer: I know. Taiidan Empire is quite outstanding scientists in the group to fly the Beast itneungeonji unclear. Finally halgeot say is that they stop using the virus to conquer!

Here Kadiir Nebula (Zeta Gate)

Shizuka: Shizuka this before your fleet. Please everyone stop.

Nobita: Nobita to convey the partners. It projects a beam navigation through the nebula. Automatic tracking and follow!

Nobita's Glaceon: found. Nobita to continue with the project. We do not have a navigation system can then pass through an invisible galaxy that is now broken.

Nobita: All right. We wish to break, hoping hidden until the end of the nebula your repair. When you capture a top speed navigation beam let's move. We sail in the rear and broke prepare for a surprise.

Nobita's Glaceon: All right. Nobita. Breaking move.

Tactical Officer: I caught a communications base in the vicinity. Turanic a Raider.

Tactical Officer: Turanic Raider requires information about the types of bass and firepower they have. Please search for the source of the communication.

Tactical Officer: We do not have the time and resources to focus on attack. The first is the protection of your friends. This nebula is hidden julgeot us from their sensors. We should not be found to Raider base.

Tactical Officer: We need help of your friends instantly cross the nebula. We are in this area are transparent sail coordinates.

Tactical Officer: emission of the nebula is interfering with all sensors except for reconnaissance. Please send a reconnaissance scout friends in front of the sailing point.

Tactical Officer: reconnaissance of Turanic Raider will not be able to find us. They will all come to attract fleet base. Please destroyed before they found the captain and your friend.

Shizuka: Please notice the engine. Start the escort of Nobita's Glaceon. These carriers also salrija possible. Then, if I met again later in the fight in return'll be better able to compensate for reinforcements.

Tactical officer: at the base of the Turanic Raider has detected another departure from other reconnaissance aircraft. Let them stop immediately.

Tactical Officer: Please note. Turanic Raider was installed through a mine in a way that gate.

(City of Turanic Raider fighter would have found command of membership in Nobita's Glaceon and Shizuka.)

Tactical Officer: reconnaissance of Turanic Raider will have found your friends. Please destroyed before they announce our presence at the base.

Nobita: Glaceon! There are mines at sea routes! I stopped for a moment to remove land mines.

Recon: Recon Fighter Here is 2-1-4. Share your fleet command. At the entrance of the nebula I discovered a heavy cruiser of the two carrier battle groups in the Taiidan Empire Turanic Raider. It is blocking our route!

Turanic Glaceon: Is Recon jiik ~ Hiigaran are sent? Go get around! Whenever they are ready to fight!

Tactical Officer: No matter how we must destroy that ship.

Turanic Glaceon: jiik ~ Now! The deombyeora Hiigaran! Under the name of the Turanic Eevees I will punish you. But what's that?

Nobita's Glaceon: not gonna forgive things that interfere with the defendant harassed Nobita and the guys that interfere with our route! Come on!

Turanic Glaceon: jiik - this is not what you kidding me? I am the kin you're standing on the side of Hiigaran?

Nobita's Glaceon: Shizuka! Leave me here. You help me to escape our ship! I bolkkae buy time to fight with me ship. Natjiman navigation system failure weapon systems gonna fine.

Shizuka: What commitment are you alone you deal with that? Julkkae help us by sending support troops.

Turanic Glaceon: jiik ~ Oh! My ship is heading straight! No I will. The escape into hyperspace. Standing on the side Hiigara Glaceon! If you're met by a friendly bond it is between pity. Dugetda but remember you. You are my rival!

Nobita's Glaceon: Shizuka. Here Glaceon. The slip sensors are read in the front gate. It halgeotyida lead us out of the nebula. We halryeo escape to the highest speed possible. Let whenever possible hyperspace and meet on the other side. Glaceon out.

Shizuka: All ships, please be prepared to break through the boundaries of the nebula in my position. We did it. Nobita's Glaceon is safe.

Mission End

Shizuka: a holiday ... glad to resolve doeseo. Turanic Raider have played a Salta escape before the attack!

Nobita: And Shizuka! Now I will take care of my partner.

Episode 6 Continued ...

Special missions related to metabolism

Nobita's Glaceon carrier of one destroyed

Shizuka: I became one carrier destruction Kushan price! Later, only half the reinforcements not get off the.

Destroyed all of the carrier Nobita's Glaceon

Shizuka: I became destroyed the Kushan carrier! Later it became disabled can receive support troops.

Mission failed Ambassador

Nobita's Glaceon destroyed

Nobita: My partner is dead fighting recklessly.
Tactical officers: We did not think the Beast would be resurrected. Captain Somtaaw and their friends will begin to do more to prepare to repel the beast once again. Ilttan our strong alliance of peoples who want to seeking the Beast. It shall protect the Bentusi.

Here is a light brown space near

I wonder where is Bentusi: Shizuka? They're in trouble does not go beyond to protect the Beast in the hand.

Tactical officer: Perhaps you will have Bentusi in this neighborhood. There have picked a signal.

Tactical Officer: I am infected ship!

Tactical Officer: Make all ships are defeated by tracking the Beast fleet. We have to mobilize all have to help Bentusi.

Shizuka: Bentusi is, please note. That Beast fleet are under steer someone. Taiidan Empire resurrected by the group they are controlled.

Bentusi: eopso dibawooreo matter that is. They Iwo halgeot be destroyed if you try to self-control. Beast remnant shall have to be cleaned carefully regret.

Tactical officers: it seems that we have found. Beast squadron in place.

Shizuka: it has detected a hyperspace. The friendly! Heavy Cruiser was the Kushan Kushan 2 vs. retention of the carrier!

Nobita's Glaceon: Heavy Cruiser Glaceon from here to convey Bentusi ship. We meets your distress signal.

Nobita: Wait! My partner Glaceon! They're not even not a Raider ship Taiidan ship! To kill them in the maximum range!

Tactical Officer: Your friend did not understand the nature of the beast. Please protect them.

Bentusi: low dibawooreo is dareuoh something. Oh, and something that someone feels manipulated. It's working group control.Who are Taiidan Empire.

Duplicated Nobita (BEAST): euhehe hee! Bentusi of our technology is the Beast Taiidan Empire. This stupid and naive ye!

Nobita: That Is not I? This was apart from my evil mind're there.

Bentusi: Ugh! Still it's working to make us into slaves! Still swallowing the memory's working to make us like a puppet! Eopso not do this! Do not face domination! We do not obey Taiidan Empire army!

Tactical Officer: Bentusi doeseo is infected with the beast as it once was than be a slave to Taiidan Empire chose to self-destruct. Their sacrifice is not in vain absolute. Please sweep the infected surviving ship!

Duplicated Nobita (BEAST) coming Aaah! Hehe! The stupid guy! I come back alive!

Nobita's Glaceon: Please note Somtaaw ship. Nobita is alive?

Shizuka: I'm alive.

Nobita's Glaceon: I'm glad. Bentusi of suicide are dealt great damage to us. Weapons offline. HyperSpace offline. Life support function is only 40%. And all of our carrier ship production system malfunctioned.

Shizuka: All right. Glaceon. Julkkae help as much as can. I notified all Somtaaw ship.

Mission End

Nobita: a glad my partner is still alive. But serious condition.

Shizuka: Do not worry. We ship all troops eotteothae gonna call for.

Episode 5 Continued ...

Mission failed Ambassador

Bentusi destroyed (suicide is not defeated)

Shizuka: When Bentusi destroy something we do not know.

Nobita's Glaceon destroyed

Nobita: my partner ... No!
The researchers report in the log Somtaaw MK. 3.4

Our team is prepared to decrypt the unidentified object found in the No.2 Kuun-Lan boarding and sector 112.

We have established the analytical equipment in the main hangar.

The object looks like a box before decryption tried to scan the entire surface.

Data reception is took place in the form of a short repeating tone.

Like tangled yarn was unfamiliar with the data stream.

It will be necessary to decrypt a lot of time and a high-performance processor.

On the other hand, we proceeded the analysis of the object surface.

Objects collected from the hull of the beacon is the Hebrews refers to the approximately one million years is.

Some of the beacon is seen as a way, the organic layer structure.

Whether, however, is certain. To continue the analysis and decryption password.

Shizuka: A bridge here. how is it? Are you going to decrypt the object?

Researcher: doetseupnida almost there. Let's now open. uh? This? Lead Aaah!

Shizuka: What's going on! Over the lower deck got a bio-hazard alert! What the heck are you from?

Researcher: something has fled! Kill us! - Noise: How ahahak! Ahahak!] To ensure the safety of the rest of the hull. For injection the lower deck!

Shizuka: No way ... whether it is Imperial trap? Inform the former station on the bridge. I used the emergency injection protocol goals.

Researcher: as soon injection!

[Injection in the lower deck, screaming: ahahak off! Oh La La La! O control reoah! Ah La La La Lala off! Ahh! By perpetuating O!]

Here Deep Space (Tel sector)

Shizuka: emergency injection is animated to us. Gather resources should be rebuilt as soon as the hangar.

Nobita: (Beast That'll certainly be ... no doubt ...)

Tactical Officer: We need to know what happened on the lower deck. The halgeot scientific lines do the local area scanned. But Turanic Raider activities because they would require a massive aekol light escort.

Science Line: Here scientific lines. We were close enough to download the data recorder and the scan module. The sensor has detected the biological signal. I like some of the crew still alive.

Science Line: Wait! This module works. Energy Spike took a hit!

Science Line: We hit some kind of particle beams. It lost control systems. The logical system has been overthrown. Do not approach the commander. This is similar to the Beast ...

[Other crew of screaming and noise: Aaa coming! Online! online! Following heat!]

BEAST: We lived .... .. [LL band ttieo ttiyong!]

Shizuka: alert! All the lines of scientific connection convoy was boiling. Biological signal that the ship is small or rarely. But they are still coming to one armed attack vectors.

Tactical Officer: What happened between the Research Module I like to spread to other ships. Typically we do not have another choice to outside Yen treat even to the tape for researchers and follow any sacrifice to fall from the Research Module.

Tactical Officer: We will ship Suspended seized by the resurrected beast. However, it is estimated to be under control about someone other than self-will.

Shizuka: Hyperspace has detected a signal! Taiidan Empire is shown by a number of groups and number of groups Turanic Raider.

Turanic Eevees: jiik - ppajyeotgun stupid trap! The identity of an unknown substance that made the virus is to submit absolutely to the Emperor of Taiidan Empire. Be the surrender right now!

Taiidan Empire Military: Why bother MajestyPurrfectThat Break the spiral was visible to the object becomes valuable. So doeseo infection to behave Beast Be obedient to the group Taiidan Empire!

Shizuka: So is andoeji! I will let the virus to disappear forever! Both attacks!

Nobita: Stop, please! Shizuka! Not too many of them! Now I have to withdraw! Moreover, when there is infection rather that our party.

Shizuka: What is it? Nobita? We are invited to lock down tree sheds prior to Beast Wars.

Tactical officer: Yes. Commander's tree fell down to lock sheds when the resurrected beast before the war. Do not give up. awhile! The hyperspace of the Mothership class 2 master class has been detected.

Turanic Eevee: The jiik - I Turanic Turanic Eevee Captain of Eevees. Now let surrendered immediately put down the weapon!

Taiidan Pikachu: yijeongdoro are stupid. I did not know you speak. character! By Beast! Get rid of all the Hiigaran to interfere with us!

Doraemon: Let's all this retreat! When they set out to do them a chance.

Shizuka: All right! Doraemon! Both the retreat! The two flagship Dana've set out more ilttan should withdraw.

Tactical officers: a hyperspace module has been charged. Prepare a retreat.

Mission End

Nobita: did not know they had come back. Beast is clearly thought to be completely destroyed.

Episode 4 Continued ...


South Korea


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